Acid Rule Licensing System

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The Poisons Act, 1919 inforce to regulate possession for sale and sale of any poison. Every person who intends to sell or possess for sale poison, through wholesale or retail, must obtain a licence in accordance with the provisions of this Act. The Grant/Renewal of such licence subject to certain conditions. The poisons must not be sold to prohibited persons and the sale must be conducted only from licensed premises.
All poisons kept for sale or use must be kept securely in a box, almirah, room or building, according to the quantity maintained, secured by lock and key in the prescribed manner. The receptacles and boxes must be labelled as specified.
Every licence holder must maintain a register and enter correctly details of sales of poison in the prescribed manner.
Applicants who wants to obtain licence to sell and/or possess poison/acid must apply apply under "stocket/seller" account (using SignUp). Such applications will be approved/rejected by District Migistrate. The licence will be valid for 3 years.
Applicants who wish to possess and use poison and/or acid needs to apply for Permit under "Buyer" account (using SignUp). Such applications will be approved/rejected by Sub Divisional Magistrate of the district. The Permit will be valid for 1 month for the purchase of only approved poison/acid.